Injection Moulding Machines

Rapid Injection Moulding, Tooling and Assembly

Innovative plastic injection moulding techniques, combined with unique tooling production methods, give Daneplast's customers the highest quality moulded products, at remarkably low cost, in record times. We listen carefully to your requirements to ensure you receive the best possible product every time.

Whatever your plastic moulding requirements are, we're confident we can help you. We can add customisations with heat-bending, printing, gluing and assembly.

Right First Time

Getting your injection moulding tooling right first time is very important as mistakes can cost you time and money. Our injection moulding process is designed and tested to ensure we get your project right first time, on time and at the agreed price. You can rely on us to deliver when we say we will.

Faster Design, Faster Production, Faster Delivery.

We are experienced in the production of aluminium and steel mould tools which are delivered to the tightest deadlines.

Because we can produce aluminium mould tooling for a fraction of the cost of steel tooling, and at a fraction of the price, we can keep your costs down on many projects. Plus we can meet our customers face to face to ensure everyone quickly understands the requirements, timescales and cost before we start. No more faxing or emailing plans to far-off different time zones.

When your product is ready, we can deliver next day. That's the type of service our customers like.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, then please fill in our contact form with your enquiry.

Not All UK Injection Moulding Companies are The Same

As trade moulders, Daneplast supplies a diverse range of industries. Although we specialise in Point of Sale displays, we produce plastic parts for customers in the following markets:

We do supply other industries not mentioned here and if your area of enquiry does not feature in our list, don't let this put you off contacting us. We are constantly developing and working on new products, and are happy to discuss designing and producing a product to meet your individual requirements.